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The Learning Path excels students in Math, Reading, Writing, and Life. We empower students by developing their ability and love for learning. By fostering independent study skills and an ability to learn, students gain the confidence to choose and form their future. Our goal is to create students who can select the paths they desire to take in Life, be it College or starting a business. Enrolling your child at The Learning Path could permanently improve their life.

School News

  • Who’s Afraid of Homeschooling?

    February 27, 2015

    A lot of parents balk at the idea of homeschooling their children. Often this is for the good reason that both parents, or a single parent, are working full time. They need someone to watch over their children while they earn the income that pays the bills. Nonetheless the experience we’ve had with many traditional […]

  • Making Rote Learning Fun

    February 20, 2015

    The Value of Rote Learning Rote Learning has long been taken to task┬áby educators and parents as a poor way to teach Math, or any other subject. Certainly it cannot be the only approach to the topic. If a student is to have a full and solid grasp of Math, they also need a good […]

  • Third Grade Reading and High School Success

    February 13, 2015

    Kindergarten to Grade 3 – The Most Important Years It has been shown that students who can read at grade level by Grade 3 are far more┬álikely to graduate from high school than children who cannot. The study that showed this used available statistics to point to how surprisingly early our children diverge in academic […]